EARTH – 2020

Director : Paul Marlier
Performer: Jeanne Morel
Music: Nils Frahm
Production: Art In Space

Thanks to Jean-François Clervoy, ESA astronaut, for his vision of the world and for his precious help.
Thanks to Luca Del Monte for his humanistic philosophy of space.
Dear Earth,
We surveyed you, surveyed so much
We loved you. With passion and unconsciousness.
We tired you
We wanted you so much that we thought you immortal
The scars on your skin are a reflection of our weakness.
We are so small, We are so human …
Dear Earth, you who were brutalized
How can we understand that our businesses are just madness on your tired skin
As long as we understand that the blue of your seas is worth all the gold in the world
As long as we understand that in the heart of your forests blows eternity .
And if you gave us a chance, A last chance, Would we be old enough to understand that you are home, the only home ? We can dream of
Please continue, with or without us
Keep turning
Keep dancing